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We are the evolution of crypto gaming



Game Development

From game design to engineering. We stand at the forefront of designing games of a quality that challenges the quality of the traditional gaming industry.

DeFi Integration

By using our state-of-the-art partners and internal blockchain developers, we integrate the power of crypto in games in such a way that it attracts users.


Our extensive network and experience in DeFi make us a partner for life for the companies we help incubate and overcome the challenges of working in web3.

networking hub

Over the last year, we have connected with the top of the crypto gaming industry. We value our friends and partners, and we love connecting our new friends to create new opportunities.



We are the
future of

At CFX Gaming, we stand at the forefront of change. Our games challenge the status quo and shape the future of how it is played. Games are one of the main drivers of entertainment, and it grows at an exponential rate. At CFX Gaming we value the quality of a game above all. With the integration of crypto and blockchain technology, we allow players to have fun, make money and truly own digital property in this new age of gaming.

We are CFX

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CFX Gaming is growing at a rapid pace. We are constantly hiring new talent and we can’t wait to have you join our team of like-minded people who want to bring the best entertainment to our audience. Is your position not listed below? Don’t worry, you can always send an email with your CV and motivation to our general email on the contact page.

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