CFX Gaming - What we do

What we do

Welcome to CFX-Gaming, where innovation meets passion. In the new world of crypto gaming we provide game design, DeFi Integration, consultancy, and networking. As pioneers in these new fields, we bring together expertise, creativity, and innovation. With a drive for excellence we create possibilities and new opportunities.

In the gaming space, we’re not just players; we’re builders of  immersive experiences. With a team that has an understanding of all the complexities that will come with integrating block-chain and the more traditional aspects of gaming into crypto-games. With these experiences we will always make sure that the project fits the vision of the client.

As we walk into the fast evolving world of cryptocurrency, we’re at the forefront of new financial ecosystems. Through consultancy, integration, and services, we navigate you through the complexities of the blockchain. Empowering your business  to thrive in a decentralized future

But our mission doesn’t stop at the production and integration. We also envision ourselves as a networking hub, we foster connections, collaboration, and community. Here, ideas converge, partnerships, and innovations only ignite when the sharpest minds come together.

Join us on this journey of gaming, innovation, integration, and community. To make long lasting projects with longevity and partnership in mind.


From game design to engineering. We stand at the forefront of designing games of a quality that challenges the quality of the traditional gaming industry.

DeFi Integration

By using our state-of-the-art partners and internal blockchain developers, we integrate the power of crypto in games in such a way that it attracts users.


Our extensive network and experience in DeFi make us a partner for life for the companies we help incubate and overcome the challenges of working in web3.

networking hub

Over the last year, we have connected with the top of the crypto gaming industry. We value our friends and partners, and we love connecting our new friends to create new opportunities.


We also provide services like Website design and intergration, artwork for in-game and outside of game use, and social media ads.